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Listening for opportunities…

I was reading this post on Nathan Gilliat’s blog, The Net-Savvy Executive about the importance of listening and the breakup of various modes of listening. While this blog and post is more about use of Social Media and its usage, I personally felt that listening is something which is very very important from an ITSM point of view as well and that too at all stages of a process or a project

  • You need to listen to your stakeholder and customer, when you are trying to identify objectives of an ITSM Project
  • You need to listen to the IT user when you are trying to find what is not going so right with your process execution
  • You need to listen to the data that your processes are throwing at you to understand how things are going
  • You need to listen to ┬ávoice in the corridor as well to understand the perception and take any corrective action
  • You need to listen to your previous experience of similar projects within or outside the current environment or process to build a more robust solution and something that has a higher degree of implementability

and so on and so forth….

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