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Change Management FAQs – back to the basics

October 19, 2009 1 comment

Its always nice and refreshing to go read the basics of processes every once in a while… The benefit it does to me personally is that
1. It makes me feel good that I still remember the basics
2. Over a period of time various flavors of implementation tend to take one away from the core, and refreshing the memory can be like cleaning off the dust at times!

Here is one link that has some very basics of Change Management and interesting links to read through! This article from SeachCIO has 4 FAQs for IT and Organizational Change Management

  • How are organizational change management and IT change management different?
  • Where does ITIL change management fit in?
  • What are some examples of change management models?
  • What types of change management software and tools are available today?

Two personally interesting and important links that this page has are

1. McKinsey 7-S Framework

McKinsey 7-S

2. PinkVerify V3 toolset. The link has both ITIL V3 and V3 aligned tools mapped by processes. Click here to go through the complete list.