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Next level of Business-IT Alignment

Read thoughts of Vaughan Merlyn on the next level of maturity for Business IT alignment.

Click here to read the article.

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Cloud Platform – Good read!

A good read on Cloud Platform’s current myths. Please click here to read the article by Chris Curran.

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5 quick rules for charting –

Good charting tips from :

Read more here.

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Impact of IT Ops on Business!

A two part article by Damon Edwards on measuring the impact of IT Operations on Business. Please click on the links below to read!

Part 1: Putting a metrics/KPI program into place in 6 steps

Part 2: Identifying candidate KPIs to evaluate

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Maximizing ITSM Investment (from CIOUpdate)

Good article by David Mainville about maximizing ITSM investments on

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Simple rules for designing a process (from ITSMWatch)

A good read on ITSMwatch by columnist David Mainville of Consulting Portal, talking about some simple rules for designing a Process.

  1. Find out where the gaps are
  2. Don’t start from scratch
  3. Don’t try this on your own
  4. Don’t be a technophobe
  5. Don’t forget to validate
  6. Don’t forget to educate
  7. Don’t forget governance

Read more here.

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Tips for Visual Communication

A very interesting article with tips on visual communication from UnderstandingGraphics. Read here. and another lovely read on what lines represent. Must read here.