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Technology Focus to Service Oriented Focus

While browsing, I found this wonderful diagram that represents the graduation from a technology focus organization to a Service Oriented Organization through use of SAAS.

* At level 1 (top-left corner), the enterprise user needs are rudimentarily addressed by a collection of siloed applications.

* At level 2 (top-right corner), the enterprise user needs are better addressed through a service portfolio, each consisting of related applications offering a more complete set of functionalities.

* Level 3 (bottom-left corner) is about service-portfolio optimization. The service portfolio is enhanced with additional options coming from SaaS providers, allowing the enterprise to further optimize its IT strategy and cost-allocation decisions.

* At level 4 (bottom-right corner), in-the-cloud and on-premise services are seamlessly integrated, offering a platform for composing applications closely aligned with business tasks.

You can read more about SaaS and this article here.