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SaaS – Best Practice perspective

A good perspective by John Rowell, OpSource on steps required to build Software As A Service Offerings. The steps that he has recommended are :

  1. Discovery of business requirements, objectives and guidelines
  2. Designate the Operations Team
  3. Conceive and Design Scalable Infrastructure and Services
  4. Determining Bandwidth requirements and selecting hosting facility
  5. Procuring Infrastructure components
  6. Deploying SAAS delivery infrastructure
  7. Implementing DR and BCP
  8. Integrate monitoring solution
  9. Establish NOC, Client Call Center and Ticketing system
  10. Design and manage SLAs
  11. Document and manage the solution

Read the detailed white-paper here.

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Prince2 and ITIL working together – Case Study from BMP

August 9, 2010 2 comments

Click here for a detailed case study  by Noel Scott, discussing co-existence of Prince2 and ITIL Frameworks to achieve business requirements

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BMC Survey : Top Priorities through 2010

What will be most important to IT organizations over the next 12 months? It’s probably no surprise that cost control or reduction in spending is the key priority. Based on a recent survey of more than 400 enterprise-level IT management personnel and their teams in Europe and the United States, reducing IT costs is the number-one priority out of 15 objectives. The second most critical priority is addressing regulatory compliance issues. Improving the availability and performance of business services is the third most critical priority on the IT “must-do” list.

Download the whitepaper here.

Whitepaper – Integrating 6 Sigma and ITIL for CSI

Whitepaper from Jack Probst and Gary Case from Pink Elephant about integration of Six Sigma and ITIL.


Click here to download the pdf.

Configuration Management – Do you see both sides?

Two different points of view on CMDB

1.  A whitepaper by David A. Messineo (CA) on Myths of Configuration Management Data Base. He mentions the 7 key fundamental use cases for CMDB in this whitepaper, and talks about some myths around CMDB.

7 Use cases for CMDBHe also classifies the myths into various categories such as

  • Conceptual Myths – growing around the manner in which CMDB has been described in the ITIL Books or similar material
  • Process Myths – focused around the manner in which the CMDB supports ITIL processes or business processes in general
  • Organization Myth – focused around the manner in which the CMDB, through the adoption of ITIL, will improve organization execution and organizational communication.
  • Technology Myth – is the idea that a CMDB that is built or bought will just work as designed.

David then goes on to discuss in detail some myths around CMDB putting then into these categories.

A different point of view and comments can be read on IT Skeptic’s page here. He describes in detail some of the big challenges that he sees with CMDB the way ITIL describes it and implementation issues.

Most text from the Myths of CMDB whitepaper

(Whitepaper) The Five Essential Metrics For Managing IT

Craig Symons in this Forrester Whitepaper has summarized the 5 key metrics that should be used to Manage IT.

Craig suggests that the CIOs must create a scorecard that is

1. Understandable and relevant to business executives
2. Connected to business outcomes

The metrics that should ideally form the core of an IT scorecard are then defined as :

Metric #1: Alignment Of IT Investments To Business Strategy

IT Portfolio by Strategic Initiative

IT Portfolio by Strategic Initiative

The size of the circle represents the amount invested
Discretionary Investments are not mandatory

Metric #2: Cumulative Business Value Of IT Investment

Metric #3: IT Spend Ratio — New Versus Maintenance

IT Spend Ratio - New vs. Maintenance

Metrics #4: Critical Business Service Availability

Critical Services Availability

Metric #5: Operational Health

You could download the whitepaper by clicking here or you could also read an html version here.

All images are from the Forrester Whitepaper
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