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Dashboard Gallery @

Click here to go to a gallery of dashboards with spans more than 10 pages. More than 50 dashboard views to look at. Some of the dashboards have a live demo as well.


Dashboard or a Scorecard or a Report or what?

I have been talking, thinking, searching on these terms for a while, and though there is a lot that is available on the terms, mostly I see that they are open to individual interpretations and organization use and perception. In future, I would attempt to bring together some thoughts around these terms starting with this article on the topic.

Do read!

8 features of successful realtime dashboards

September 9, 2009 1 comment

Article from Juice Analytics on the features of a good realtime dashboard.

  1. Should contain a summary status
  2. Reflect the structure of the business
  3. Facilitate a quick diagnosis of the problems
  4. Data presentation should be simple
  5. Granular view of the data should be available
  6. The dashboard should show data for an appropriate time window
  7. Should have prominent but balanced alerts, and
  8. The dashboard should point to specific actions

Read the detailed article here.

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