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IT Service Management Starts with?

January 24, 2010 1 comment

According to Mark Schouls, the three processes that IT Service Management starts with are Change Management, Configuration Management and Release Management.

Release Management – Proper release management, which defines the process of building and releasing software, results in a greater success rate in the provisioning of software and hardware to the business, and perhaps more importantly, results in a perceived improvement in the quality of service. Bringing consistency and documented processes to software and hardware releases minimizes downtime, reduces support costs, improves resource utilization and increases confidence across all levels of management.

Configuration Management – Enacting configuration management processes gives organizations a single view of all corporate assets, including their dependencies and interrelationships. Having one federated repository as a point of reference ensures accuracy and eliminates time-consuming duplication of efforts.

Change Management – Codifying change management practices helps organizations better align IT services to business requirements. With rigid processes in place, they eliminate rogue changes, thereby reducing risk and improving user productivity. To undertake change management initiatives, businesses must first accurately assess risk, understand the impact due to any change, analyze resource requirements and make adjustments to align resources as required. At that point they can enact a formal method for approving changes.

Read more of this article on ITSMwatch here.

I would also put Incident Management in this list. IT has to exist in the organization in some form or the other right from the start. Incident Management is one of the key bridges between the IT and its users. It gives a first hand information about the issues which are being faced by the users and would be a key driver for a lot of changes that would be done to restore services.


Relationship between ITIL Processes – 1

Basic! yes! very! But don’t be surprised if there are people who have been managing these processes and still do not completely understand these relationships.

This diagram however cannot be termed complete and there is a lot that can be added to it. Will write about the process relationships in detail in the next few posts!

Change Management FAQs – back to the basics

October 19, 2009 1 comment

Its always nice and refreshing to go read the basics of processes every once in a while… The benefit it does to me personally is that
1. It makes me feel good that I still remember the basics
2. Over a period of time various flavors of implementation tend to take one away from the core, and refreshing the memory can be like cleaning off the dust at times!

Here is one link that has some very basics of Change Management and interesting links to read through! This article from SeachCIO has 4 FAQs for IT and Organizational Change Management

  • How are organizational change management and IT change management different?
  • Where does ITIL change management fit in?
  • What are some examples of change management models?
  • What types of change management software and tools are available today?

Two personally interesting and important links that this page has are

1. McKinsey 7-S Framework

McKinsey 7-S

2. PinkVerify V3 toolset. The link has both ITIL V3 and V3 aligned tools mapped by processes. Click here to go through the complete list.