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SaaS – Best Practice perspective

A good perspective by John Rowell, OpSource on steps required to build Software As A Service Offerings. The steps that he has recommended are :

  1. Discovery of business requirements, objectives and guidelines
  2. Designate the Operations Team
  3. Conceive and Design Scalable Infrastructure and Services
  4. Determining Bandwidth requirements and selecting hosting facility
  5. Procuring Infrastructure components
  6. Deploying SAAS delivery infrastructure
  7. Implementing DR and BCP
  8. Integrate monitoring solution
  9. Establish NOC, Client Call Center and Ticketing system
  10. Design and manage SLAs
  11. Document and manage the solution

Read the detailed white-paper here.

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SaaS and ITSM

Two beautifully written articles on Saas and ITSM

1. SaaS and ITSM – a Marriage Made in Acronym Heaven? by Stephen Mann

This article does not dive down into the complexity of SaaS-variants such as SaaS 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, or the single-tenancy versus multi-tenancy debate, or terminology such as Hybrid SaaS. It does, however, assume a perspective that views enterprise interest in SaaS-delivered ITSM solutions in the context of replacing already deployed on-premise ITSM applications – a viewpoint that is also used by many vendors to calculate the Return On Investment. Moving from on-premise Product A to SaaS Product B rather than determining the underlying benefits an organisation would realise from utilising their technology to support ITSM processes and procedures.

2. SaaS 3.0 And ITSM, Match Made In Heaven!! by Chris Dancy

The second article is a wonderful overview of Saas, its evolution, maturity levels related to SaaS and its associated with ITSM.

Must read articles both of them!

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Technology Focus to Service Oriented Focus

While browsing, I found this wonderful diagram that represents the graduation from a technology focus organization to a Service Oriented Organization through use of SAAS.

* At level 1 (top-left corner), the enterprise user needs are rudimentarily addressed by a collection of siloed applications.

* At level 2 (top-right corner), the enterprise user needs are better addressed through a service portfolio, each consisting of related applications offering a more complete set of functionalities.

* Level 3 (bottom-left corner) is about service-portfolio optimization. The service portfolio is enhanced with additional options coming from SaaS providers, allowing the enterprise to further optimize its IT strategy and cost-allocation decisions.

* At level 4 (bottom-right corner), in-the-cloud and on-premise services are seamlessly integrated, offering a platform for composing applications closely aligned with business tasks.

You can read more about SaaS and this article here.