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Article : Establishing or assessing an ITSM Program

While browsing today on some ITSM topics, I reached this nicely articulated post by Troy DuMoulin from Pink Elephant, on the “Health Check of ITSM Programs“. In addition to an insight on why some projects fail, it also visually represents the building blocks of an ITSM Program. Some text from the post below:

The following lessons learned from failed projects can help us open our minds to managing risks and planning to succeed rather than become yet another statistic

  • IT Service Management/ITIL projects are actually transformation programs requiring significant shifts in behavior and cultural change across multiple groups.
  • Process documentation is not worth the paper it is printed on without the ability and will to enforce its use.
  • An IT Service Management tool alone will never enforce new behaviors or best practices.
  • Most organizations fail at their initial process improvement efforts by focusing on the technology or tool elements of the project and underestimating the effort required to address the softer people and governance issues brought by the transformation effort.
  • Most projects reveal clear, early warning signs that the project is at risk but these signs are missed, ignored or not managed.

Worth a read, and use as a reminder!