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SaaS and ITSM

Two beautifully written articles on Saas and ITSM

1. SaaS and ITSM – a Marriage Made in Acronym Heaven? by Stephen Mann

This article does not dive down into the complexity of SaaS-variants such as SaaS 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, or the single-tenancy versus multi-tenancy debate, or terminology such as Hybrid SaaS. It does, however, assume a perspective that views enterprise interest in SaaS-delivered ITSM solutions in the context of replacing already deployed on-premise ITSM applications – a viewpoint that is also used by many vendors to calculate the Return On Investment. Moving from on-premise Product A to SaaS Product B rather than determining the underlying benefits an organisation would realise from utilising their technology to support ITSM processes and procedures.

2. SaaS 3.0 And ITSM, Match Made In Heaven!! by Chris Dancy

The second article is a wonderful overview of Saas, its evolution, maturity levels related to SaaS and its associated with ITSM.

Must read articles both of them!

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Vital Business Functions – Article on DITY

Article on Vital Business Functions (VBF) on DITY. The article can be downloaded here.

Dashboard Gallery @

Click here to go to a gallery of dashboards with spans more than 10 pages. More than 50 dashboard views to look at. Some of the dashboards have a live demo as well.

Relationship between ITIL Processes – 1

Basic! yes! very! But don’t be surprised if there are people who have been managing these processes and still do not completely understand these relationships.

This diagram however cannot be termed complete and there is a lot that can be added to it. Will write about the process relationships in detail in the next few posts!

BMC Survey : Top Priorities through 2010

What will be most important to IT organizations over the next 12 months? It’s probably no surprise that cost control or reduction in spending is the key priority. Based on a recent survey of more than 400 enterprise-level IT management personnel and their teams in Europe and the United States, reducing IT costs is the number-one priority out of 15 objectives. The second most critical priority is addressing regulatory compliance issues. Improving the availability and performance of business services is the third most critical priority on the IT “must-do” list.

Download the whitepaper here.

Article on Cloud Computing and ITIL by Pam Baker

Article on impact of Cloud computing on ITIL by Pam Baker.

Few would argue the merits of Cloud computing, not the least of which is the cost-savings to be had in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models. Indeed, rapid migration to the Cloud is expected to continue undeterred for the foreseeable future.

“While the present model is the use of internal services with a few forays into the Cloud, in the future it will certainly be the opposite,” said Ed Lyons, chief engineer, Application Development and Management at Keane. “Methodologies like ITIL will be forced to acknowledge this emerging reality.”

Given this switch-in-the-making, the Cloud is set to rain on ITIL―whether that will encourage growth or wilt the framework is yet to be seen.

Continue reading the article on ITSMWatch here

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Gartner’s MQ

Interesting point of view on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant by Alex.

Image source : Google Images

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