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What about the customer?

In my ITIL consulting experience, though customer is a term we use more often than not, its the customer who somehow comes up as of the least thought of entities when it comes to processes and implementation. Now that happens because Organizational Change Management is looked at post the design of a solution or a strategy, which I am not sure is the right thing to do.

While any change in the processes or its execution is going to cause ripples in the way things have been working for and worked by customers (often called Users in some situations), it is important to have a selected group review and validate the plans in great detail. This helps any project team build up on customer confidence, take critical execution related feedback, and make amendments in time to ensure customer concerns. Makes the execution easy and adds to the chances of a successful implementation.

Arne Van Oosterom in his recent article onĀ has written about Customer Journey Experience and detailed out 10 essential elements of a Customer Journey Map. Read more of the article here.

  1. Context or Stakeholder map
  2. Persona
  3. Outcomes
  4. Customer Journey
  5. Touchpoints
  6. Moments of Truth
  7. Service Delivery
  8. Emotional Journey
  9. Blueprint
  10. Improve and Innovate


Kano Model – Reference

Click here to read an interesting article on the application of Kano Model in ITSM.

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