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BMC Survey : Top Priorities through 2010

What will be most important to IT organizations over the next 12 months? It’s probably no surprise that cost control or reduction in spending is the key priority. Based on a recent survey of more than 400 enterprise-level IT management personnel and their teams in Europe and the United States, reducing IT costs is the number-one priority out of 15 objectives. The second most critical priority is addressing regulatory compliance issues. Improving the availability and performance of business services is the third most critical priority on the IT “must-do” list.

Download the whitepaper here.


Gartner Perspective – IT Spending 2010

Gartner recently published a detailed report on their perspective for IT Spending. You can get the detailed report here. I was particularly interested in the forecast around IT Services and here is some text around that from the report.


Worldwide IT services spending is on pace to total $781 billion in 2009, a 3.5 percent decline from 2008. In 2010, worldwide IT services spending is forecast to reach $816 billion, a 4.5 percent increase from 2009 (see Table 5).


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