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Balanced Scorecards and Metrics for Service Support

In this article by Rob England he provides a point of view on the some not so desirable metrics for Service Desk and an approach towards a Balanced Scorecard. What I really admire about Rob’s approach is his different point of view on the usual norms and the way he would force you to validate your thinking and provide a different point of view.

In this article he has written about too much focus on Abandoned Calls undesirable. While it might be ok for an in-house service desk to not give too much focus on Abandoned Call Rate, more often than not SLAs which are written between third party/external service providers and customers have Abandoned Call Rate as an important statistic. This is something that is an indicator of the service to customers and drives customer satisfaction. Rob mentions that too much focus on ACR might force Service Desk agents to finish the calls in a rush, and a similar situation would occur with focus on AHT (Average Handle Time) for calls. I personally feel that these two metrics are an important indicator of the Service Desk quality and need to be measured. Some of the actions which need to be taken with these numbers going up could be

1. Identify a trend in Call Abandon Rate and staff Service Desk agents to handle those volumes (most call centers do that)

2. Identify agents which high AHT and identify reasons for high AHT. This might trigger a need for some training to be imparted to those agents

In my opinion, its not possible to reach a conclusion on these metrics unless a deeper analysis is done on them and over time a consistent performance should take these down the priority list.

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