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Creating a Service Catalogue

Click here for a high level overview of the steps required to create a Service Catalogue, from the art of service. The steps mentioned in the pdf are :

  1. Definition of Service Families
  2. Definition of Services within Service Families
  3. Mapping Services to existing customers
  4. Mapping expectations and dependencies to services
  5. Establish Operational Level Agreements
  6. Establish Service Level Agreements
  7. Establishment of Cost of Services
  8. Steady Stage

By the looks of it, these sound very logical steps, however in my opinion these are very very high level steps and tell you what to do, but honestly not in its complete entirety…

I like the fact that ITIL V3 differentiates between a Technical Services Catalogue and a Business Service Catalogue, however what I do not like is that it uses IT Services in both the definitions. In my opinion, Business Services Catalogue would be for only business services, things which do not have  IT Users in its audiences, and IT Services Catalogue would purely focus on those services which are used by IT Users (including Business Users)

BSC could have services related to business applications or similar, services that lead to generation of money for the company

TSC could have services related to IT applications or similar, services that facilitate the use of IT in the organization.

More on this sometime later…

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