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Building and maintaining ROI – Article by Stephen Hirsch from SAP

Was reading through an interesting article by Stephen Hirsch from SAP Education… he in this article talks about building and maintaining ROI through performance management. What I like about this article is that it does not talk about typical performance management of an application or a system, but is talking about a whole cycle of organizational change management to ensuring that the organization achieves what it set itself up for through this change.

The phases that Stephen has stressed on are

  • Change Management
  • Assessment, Strategy and Development
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Operations
  • Performance Management

Performance cycle

My view on this

Knowledge transfer and Performance Management would be two very very important steps that would prove instrumental in the success of a project/organizational change!

Like Stephen also mentioned in the article that most users would rely on quicker methods to gain information and not the large documents or LMS modules post implementation, there is a requirement for consistent and crisp information flow and availability of that simple information to do the job well!!!

What is mentioned as performance management in this article is something that I percieve as process adoption… and without well built checks (not controls as yet) one would not know how well the organization is doing! Do going back to the Strategy and Development phase, one of the key things is to identify

  1. How do we know we are successful?
  2. What do we measure to substantiate the achievement of goals?
  3. What would be the error correction or process adoption plans in case of things not going as expected?

You can read the detailed article here (Requires registration).

Image source : End-user Performance : Building and Maintaining ROI article from SAP

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