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Short (text) case study of two financial organizations and ITIL

Click here to read a short case study of how ITIL alignment has helped two financial institutions.

Following the ITIL processes of incident, change, problem, configuration and service portfolio management has saved the company approximately $20 million through improved processes and efficiencies, according to Paul Ruppel, production systems consultant lead at Wachovia.

From how I see it, the two key items that would define the success of any ITIL related initiative would be

  • To identify the problem.

In ITIL terms, do an RCA of the current situation and perceived problems which the IT is facing and then prioritize the solutions. Is it too many incidents? Is it too many changes? Is it the time taken to resolve incidents? Is it the inability to forecast business needs? Is it not meeting SLAs? what exactly is the problem that you are trying to handle with getting ITIL into the picture? or is it that you are just trying to mature an existing process?

  • Prioritize.

It would never be one single reason that would cause something to function incorrectly. Mostly in the IT world, there are multiple reasons why something is not functioning the way it should be. And we need to accept that not everything can be resolved together. So a sorting has to be done. A 2X2 matrix should help to have a priority in place… Expected benefits on one axis and estimated effort on the other.


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