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If IT ain’t broken, don’t fix IT!

Very true!

Something has to be broken for someone to fix it, but there is a caveat to this when it comes to ITSM… An organization might just be moving towards a higher level of maturity in Process definition and execution when they take up Service Management initiatives.

Some of the initiatives that are done not to “fix” defects but to mature:

1. Improve Quality of Change to the environment – better change planning, increase use of CMDB, better conflict management, reduction in both planned and unplanned downtime
2. Introduce a standard governance model for ITSM – assigned roles to work on process maturity and adoption, continuous service improvement opportunity identification, focus on identification of training needs in case of process adoption and compliance issues
3. Strengthen Measurements and Controls – take date driven actions, know what to fix and what to leave, assess maturity and performance
4. Graduate to being Proactive  from just being reactive – do trend analysis and find problems before incidents occur, introduce processes like event management to monitor health of IT real-time and raise events, strengthen knowledge management systems
5. Have a road-map, both Short term and Long Term – Assess the as-is state, document the to-be state, find what it takes to sustain what is there currently and establish what would it take to reach the desired or the to-be state

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