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Driving out of the parking lot!

A good set of processes is like a parking lot…

Every process which is written keeping in mind the best practices, with usability, auditability, accountability etc is like a good car…

But a car performs well on the road, when its liked. Just because a car meets all safety standards, or maybe reaches 200mph or shows  you 15 different numbers on the dashboard, or connects with all sorts of 3rd party devices with most ease, does not make the car a very popular one.

There would always be a set of people who would like to buy a car for

1. The value for money

2. The ease of use or drivability

3. Adaptability to other devices, ipods, usb etc and volume of built in smaller things it has, gps, integrated amplifier etc…

and Ditto is the case with ITSM Processes, ITIL is a parking lot, and the processes are the cars… The only way they can move out of the lot and be driven with ease is when

1. You have advertised enough (Communication at all levels)

2. People understand its value for money (What do I save when I invest my time and effort in the process or what do I gain when I spend my time and effort in the process)

3. People understand its worth (What does it cost to do this)

4. People are trained to use it (Enough training and hand holding has happened for them to be able to drive around on their own)

5. People are given a destination to reach and there is a way to measure progress (Benchmarks, and measurements are defined)

6. There is an award at the end (Good performers are acknowledged, advocates for success and adoption are identified, the not so good performers are motivated)

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