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Defining IT Services

A good read on defining IT services for an Organization.

The key steps which are mentioned in the Workbook  are :

Step 1: Select an Enterprise Product and Identify Supporting Services

Step 2: List All Related IT Systems

Step 3: Mark IT Services as CFS(Customer Facing Service) or RFS(Resource Facing Service)

Step 4: Map RFSs to CFSs

Step 5: Identify the Resources that Make Up the Resource Facing Services

This document used the term customer for the Users of IT. It also has blank templates that could be used.
The 13 Page workbook from Enterprise Management Associates, refers to the New Generation Operation Systems and Software (NGOSS) Service Information Data Model (SID) to differentiate between the Customer Facing Services and Resource Facing Services. Read more about it here.


What the workbook/document does not take into consideration are the Business Services which an organization provides to its customers. This makes it a total of three layers…

1. IT Infrastructure Services (what this document refers to as Resource Facing Services)

2. IT User Services (which this document refers to as Customer Facing Services)

3. Business Services – which are the services that are extended to a customer of the organization.

You could download the workbook from here (Registration required).

Images courtesy : EMA Workbook

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